About Us

The Omaha Estate Planning Council is the preeminent local, professional estate planning organization which exists to foster the study, education and discussion of estate planning amongst its members and to promote the effective cooperation amongst the top estate planning professionals in the wider Omaha estate planning community. More than 140 of Omaha’s leading estate planning attorneys, certified public accountants, philanthropic advisors, financial planners and trust officers are members of the Omaha Estate Planning Council.

2018-19 Board Members

President -  Linda Garbina           
Vice President - Matthew Stadler
Treasurer - Keith Deras 
Secretary - Thomas VanRobays
Assistant Secretary - Kelli Cavey

C.K. Duryea                                         
Steven Kenney
Timothy Harrison  
Sarah Duey
Susan Spahn 

Industry Representatives
Cindy Brenneman (Accountants)
William Lindsay (Attorneys)
Eryka Morehead (Life Insurance/Financial Planners)
Jeremy Belsky (Philanthropic Advisors)
John Stadsvold (Trust Officers)